Target Audience

This guide provides information for system administrators wanting to install and maintain a StratusLab cloud.

Those interested in using the resources in a StratusLab cloud should instead consult the StratusLab User’s Guide.

Those wishing to contribute to the StratusLab software or documentation should consult the StratusLab Contributor’s Guide.

Typographic Conventions

This guide uses several typographic conventions to improve the readability.

links some link
filenames $HOME/.stratuslab/stratuslab-user.cfg
commands stratus-run-instance
options --version

Table: Typographic Conventions

Extended examples of commands and their outputs are displayed in the monospace Courier font. Within these sections, command lines are prefixed with a ‘$ ‘ prompt. Lines without this prompt are output from the previous command. For example,

$ stratus-run-instance -q BN1EEkPiBx87_uLj2-sdybSI-Xb

the stratus-run-instance is the command line which returns the virtual machine identifier and IP address.