To follow this tutorial, you must have a machine running a recent version of Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows and the ability to install and configure software on that machine.

Linux and Mac OS X are fully supported and tested. The core features work also on Windows, although there are a few commands that do not. Those commands that do not work on Windows are pointed out in the documentation.

To take advantage of all of the StratusLab features, you must have the following software installed and configured:

  • Python 2 (2.6+)
  • pip, the python package installer
  • Java 1.6+ (any certified distribution)
  • SSH client (with an SSH keypair)
  • Recent web browser

You may optionally install the python virtualenv to isolate the StratusLab python environment from others. All of the supported platforms have widely available versions of these software packages available.


The commands that require the Java Virtual Machine will not be used in this tutorial, so you do not need to install Java for this tutorial.