Although Python is the primary programming language used by the StratusLab client, a small portion uses Java–specifically the portions related to the creation, validation, and signing of metadata for the Marketplace.

For these features, an installation of a certified Java 1.7 or later distribution is required.

Linux Operating Systems

Most Linux distributions contain an acceptable set of Java packages–usually OpenJDK. These can be installed with the distribution’s standard package management tools.

Oracle’s Java distributions can also be used. Instructions for obtaining and installing these distributions are available from the Java website.

The Java compiler created from GNU (GJC) will not work. If this is installed, either remove it from your system or ensure that it is not the default version of Java on your system.

Mac OS X

Oracle provides a distribution of Java for recent versions of Mac OS X. You can download and install this version from the primary Java website.

Older versions of Mac OS X also incorporate their own version of java that will work with the StratusLab client, although the more recent Oracle releases are preferred.


Download and install Java from the primary Java website.