Target Audience

This guide provides information for people who contribute to the development and documentation of the StratusLab cloud distribution. It describes how to become a member of the StratusLab development community and provides guidelines on contributions.

Those wanting to use a StratusLab cloud infrastructure should consult the StratusLab User’s Guide.

System administrators wanting to install a StratusLab cloud on their own resources should start with the StratusLab Administrator’s Guide.

Typographic Conventions

This guide uses several typographic conventions to improve the readability.

links some link
filenames $HOME/.stratuslab/stratuslab-user.cfg
commands stratus-run-instance
options --version

Table: Typographic Conventions

Extended examples of commands and their outputs are displayed in the monospace Courier font. Within these sections, command lines are prefixed with a ‘$ ‘ prompt. Lines without this prompt are output from the previous command. For example,

$ stratus-run-instance -q BN1EEkPiBx87_uLj2-sdybSI-Xb

the stratus-run-instance is the command line which returns the virtual machine identifier and IP address.