Front End InstallationΒΆ

Now that we have defined all of the configuration parameters, you can now do the full Front End installation by issuing the following command:

$ stratus-install -vv 2>&1 | tee frontend-install.log

To get more details on what the command is (because of curiosity or errors), use the option -v, -vv, or -vvv.

If you run into errors, the stratus-install command can simply be rerun after adjusting the configuration parameters.

When the installation completes successfully, you should see the following services running on the machine:

$ service nginx status
nginx (pid  15215) is running...

$ service one-proxy status
Checking arguments to Jetty:
Jetty running pid=15847

$ service pdisk status
Checking arguments to Jetty:
Jetty running pid=17099

You should also see a web page running at https://${FRONTEND_HOST}/ that lists these services:

$ curl -k https://${FRONTEND_HOST}/
<a href="readme.html">readme.html</a>
<a href="svc-one-proxy.html">svc-one-proxy.html</a>
<a href="svc-pdisk.html">svc-pdisk.html</a>

If the page doesn’t appear or any of the services are not running, you should investigate the errors in the log files. The log files for all StratusLab services are in /var/log/stratuslab. Each service in a separate subdirectory.