The StratusLab distribution provides a simple command line client to install, configure and start the StratusLab Cloud services and components.

The deployment described in this tutorial requires two physical machines with a minimal version of CentOS 6 (or compatible) installed. The deployment consists of the two StratusLab machine types:

  • Front-End - machine for VM management and storage services
  • Node - machine that hosts virtual machines

The procedure for installing a minimal StratusLab cloud consists of the following steps:

  1. Verification of all of the prerequisites.
  2. Installation of the StratusLab administrator tools.
  3. Definition of all of the StratusLab service parameters.
  4. Configuration and installation of the Front End.
  5. Configuration and installation of the Node.
  6. Validation of the cloud installation.
Minimal StratusLab Cloud

Minimal StratusLab Cloud