Service Configuration

All StratusLab services must follow a common configuration scheme where the core of the configuration is stored in the Couchbase database. Only the Couchbase configuration parameters are read from a file on the local filesystem.

This scheme allows the overall system to scale with multiple service instances while maintaining consistent configurations between them.

Couchbase Connection Parameters

The Couchbase connection parameters must reside in a file on the physical machine to bootstrap the configuration mechanism. This file /etc/stratuslab/couchbase.cfg is in the standard “ini” format:



Each section corresponds to the parameters for a particular service. The name of the section is defined by the service. If parameters are not defined in a specific section, then the ones in the DEFAULT section will be used. Services may have a default value for the cfg_docid value.

Service Instance Configuration

After reading the Couchbase connection parameters, the service should read its configuration from a document in Couchbase. The document identifier containing the configuration is defined by the service, but may be overridden by the cfg_docid parameter in the local configuration.

To use Couchbase efficiently, these configuration files should be in JSON format. This allows them to be pulled into native data structures easily for our preferred implementation languages.