Continuous Integration

The collaboration uses Jenkins for continuous integration. Each time a change is committed to a StratusLab repository, the Hudson server launches a job to rebuild the software, executing the defined unit tests and repackaging the software.

Assuming that the unit tests pass, jobs to reinstall a test cloud and to verify the high-level functionality are also run.

The continuous integration server provides a list of all of the defined jobs and a dashboard of the latest status.

Supported Platforms

The project currently supports CentOS. All of the builds run on this platform along with the cloud installation and functionality tests.

All of the code is highly portable and should run on any Linux platform. Additional operating systems can be supported if there is enough effort to support the packaging and testing of the code on the operating system.

Package Repository

The artifacts (packages) from all of the builds are uploaded to a Maven repository. The project runs a Nexus server for this.